We scurry about our hurried lives as if we have some place important to be. Mindless…maybe. Possibly intentional as we tuck in our shirts readying ourselves to change the world.

We buckle our belt, sling our weapons over the shoulder, puff up our chests and lower our eyes to the attention of slaying dragons. Only the dragons of today no longer breath fire and prickle our skin with their dagger pointed tails and brimstone breath; but rather walk among us.

My dragons are the gray, charcoal resolved stigmas lying on shelves stacked high in our discount warehouse shopping centers. Warm and soothing tethered to my Grande paper cup. Announcing folly and frenzy up to the second from my left pant pocket. Calling to me, I purse my lips the infant eyes locked to it’s source of nourishment. Only to disappoint…as it’s plastic.

Our hearts have become dull. What happened to the vibrancy of life? Being drunk on the Spirit of God. Masses experiencing the saving grace and loving mercy of Jesus’ love? Our ears are unaware of God’s whisper, barely attentive amidst the yelling all around us. Our eyes squeezed shut as to avoid the bright white light of God’s spirit.

No joy.
No grief.

Grief lost to the druthers of antidepressant pharmaceuticals.
Joy lost to the pursuit of happiness.
Love to lust.
Interaction to entertainment.
Transformation to tolerance.

Yes. The dragons seem to be winning.

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