Prize Possession.

What is your most prized possession? Stop, right now, picture it in your mind…maybe it’s a car or an instrument.

A collectible set of salt & pepper shakers.
A purse.
A box hidden away in the garage.
A sentimental tea cup from your great-grandmother.
A family photo album or (to cheat) a relationship.

For me, it’s easy.

My wedding ring.

Without a doubt, it is my prize possession. I’ll never forget over 13 years ago when my beloved wife placed it on my finger as we said our vows with great passion and commitment defining our love as we married. Truly if our empty home burned up all that we have, while devastating, I would still have this symbol of love. So what happens when our prize possession is threatened?

This morning was normal.
Kids up.
Homework signed.
Kids brush hair, brush teeth, shoes, socks (socks on first), lunch bag and out the door.
My wife with them as the captain of the carpool.

My heart and mind embrace the sudden quiet and shift toward what I hope to be a solid workout. First, the chin up bar.

Seventeen (ok, not really).

I’m getting a solid callous and pinching from my prize possession, so I remove it carefully. For some reason known only to the universe, I decide to place it in that little hole in the door jamb where the door lock engages…and for some reason this little hole, isn’t so little and it feeds directly into the inside of the wall.

A brand new wall.
A brand new door.
Brand new trim.
New paint.
Newly remodeled house.
Not so new wedding ring.

An expletive launches from my mouth and I fall to my knees, penitent both for my mistake and for any and every committed sin – hoping that God might now answer my prayer.

After multiple mutations of “ring retrieval” devices…

Stuck finger.

A few holes, torn drywall, ahhhhhhhh.
My ring!

I’ve had many friends (all men) who have lost, misplaced or broken their wedding rings. Many times through no fault of their own. Others, out of pure carelessness! I can now relate – immediately I swore the ring would never again leave my left finger.

As I think back to the terrifying moment of watching my prize possession disappear into a wall. I wonder how often I throw away incredible gifts of grace and possessions I hold dear without even realizing it.

I have this strong conviction.
Heart palpitations.
Visceral energy rising.
I am amped on staying true.

True to my wife.
True to my passion.
True to my commitment.
True to the gifts of grace in my life.

Moving past the idea of physical objects, I wonder if the most prized possession in my life is the relationships I have on this earth with my wife, my kids, my family and friends, with those I encounter in my normal walking-around life.

I will be true to honor…
The time.
The relationships.
The love.
The gut-wrenching moments.
The profoundly deep.
The innocently hilarious.
The simple.

Each and every moment of each and every day with each and every one that I love.


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