Jesus for President.

Palm Sunday;
A day for palms?
Relaxation and beachside simmering in the sun?
Or a moment to remember…to stop and step back…
To see – palm branches, cloaks, donkeys and stones;
Shout Hosanna and enter in.
Step back 2000 years…

He approaches;
Distant at first – waves of heat clouding the view.
Dust rolls off the waddling hooves,
of a borrowed donkey’s colt.
The rider’s feet graze the ground – the Rabbi arrives,
with his followers they make way.
It’s Passover for Israel and festivities are in full swing.
They walk on – into the city,
this magnificent city of Jerusalem.

Souls wrapping around – quickly forming a crowd.
We see Jesus.
Behold, the feet of Him – riding a donkey;
And not one fitted for use.
A colt.
A foolish unmanageable little thing;
Carrying Salvation this humble King.
His arrival upon a symbol of peace.

Jesus for President. Not in a bullet-proof limo. No Humvees rumbling the ground.
Palm branches replace flags;
Vain display, nowhere to be found.
A beach cruiser, a moped, slowly riding on;
Could this be a new King?

Branches are removed from nearby trees;
Anticipation of the King;
Direct from the line of David.
Behold, your King is coming to you!
And in honor of the royalty before them…
Quickly covering the bare and dusty ground;
Cloaks, branches, palm fronds laid down – on the path.

Righteous and having salvation is he,
A good king who makes all just;
Everything right.
Who sees it?
The disciples declare loudly “He saves!”
Shouting “Hosanna!”
Doubters, religious men – Pharisees,
deny Jesus saves.
Would they rather the rocks themselves,
jump up and sing praise;
Proclaiming this King of all other Kings?
The crowd responds,
a request;
O Save us!
Jesus and the crowd continue on;
Morphing, slipping and sliding past the Mount of Olives,
and down

This newly proclaimed one who saves.
Palm branches as flags,
Now laid down.
The future of the Jewish nation,

The dust…gone.
Still the colt ambles on.
All surrounded in the sights – the smells – the sounds,
of the Passover feast.
Turning to Him – the crowd before him,
the crowds behind him;
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

Minds unable to fathom – not seeing or hearing;
The depths of His love,
of what is to come.
The King.
King of all Kings.
Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

This is the day – this Palm Day – the day that the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice – rejoice, full of joy and be glad today!

The King.
Peace proclaiming,
on the colt of a donkey.
Victory shouting,
over palm branches.
Praise rising,
from the people – not the stones.
One word.
One meaning.
To save.
One name.
Jesus – the name above all names.
His love.
Hosanna – save us, we pray, O Lord.
Hosanna in the highest.

One thought on “Jesus for President.

  1. Wow…love this. Thanks so much for sharing & leading…you are a blessing to us. We’re so grateful for you & your family.

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