Dumb & Dumber, The Matrix and Documentaries

This past weekend I attended my first writers conference. The Orange County Christian Writers Fellowship (OCCWF) hosted its 26th Annual Conference at Mariners Church. If you follow me on Twitter you saw in real-time some of my thinking.

My day included: 6 cups of herbal tea, seeing friends, learning about “the google,” talking with editors and agents, being inspired by other authors, not praying for lunch and a lot of thinking.

Here are my three learning’s from the day…

First, I recognized in a deeper way the reality and importance of the Holy Spirit dwelling in me as a comforter, guide and creative conspirator! Speaking to the key thoughts in her book The Soul Tells a Story, Vinita Wright gave me great freedom to move forward as a writer and pastor. With the truth of God’s Spirit leading me, I can be bold about the message I have to share (which is really God using me for His message).

Second, I finished my first book proposal and was able to discuss it with both an editor and an agent. I was greatly encouraged and I’m excited about continuing my research and writing on this project. It’s really exciting to be working on my first book. All I’ll say right now is that the subject is fear and I’ll be sharing both my personal journey as well as some deep Biblical truth on the subject.

Third, I was able to take some time to evaluate and think about this blog and who I’m writing to and why. Thus the title of this post. Mary DeMuth gave us a short exercise on deciphering our passion. Here it is: Write down your three favorite movies – don’t over think it. Now, see if you can decipher a consistent theme or message from all three films. At first blush, I completely dismissed the idea. I’ve done hundreds of these activities before and wasn’t buying it. Bored, I went ahead and wrote down:

1. The Matrix
2. Dumb & Dumber
3. Any Documentary (cheating on the last one to prove my point).

I was half-listening to Mary and half-thinking and half-in-that-place-where-lightening-bolts-appear. Bam! It hit me. I found a clear idea in all three that fully lined up with my story and may just be a new refined direction for this blog.

Can you find a consistent message between all three?

Well, I’ll be sharing more details of my lightening-bolt-experience over the next few weeks. For now, I’m committing myself to a time of prayer, developing a group of prayer partners specifically for my pastoral ministry as a writer and seeking the Lord on some personal matters. I’ll keep posting and writing and seeking the Lord. I trust you’ll keep reading, thinking and listening to the Lord. I look forward to your comments, thoughts and ideas.

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