Make it…

I’m sitting at Starbucks. Barista noise and some random new music mix to create a hum that often provides the foundation for my reading, thinking and writing. The gentleman sitting next to me gets up to leave, accidentally taking my cup. In the matter of a few seconds we both notice, exchange a knowing glance, and laugh. He corrects the cup situation and as he leaves he says in broken English, “You make a wonderful day.”

Do you ever have those moments when the world stops spinning, colors are more vibrant, a silent hush falls and your mind becomes as vast as the Milky Way? I do. I did. It happened right then.

I didn’t get to ask him, but I’m guessing he meant to say “Have a wonderful day.” His slight mistranslation of the key verb in English made my day. What a gift! I need to be reminded and challenged to “make it a wonderful day” as a disciple living actively for Jesus in this world. Otherwise I settle for consuming what is around me as I emptily hope to “have a great day.”

Think about the difference.

“Have a wonderful day.”
I can’t help but put the emphasis on “have” which forces me to go out and consume my day; passively wandering and wondering what it has for me like some kind of lost horoscope.

“Make it a wonderful day.”
“Make” conjures up the idea of creating. Somehow, I can’t help but put the emphases on wonder-full here. I love the idea of playing a role in creating a day filled with wonder both for myself and others!

I, for one, am going to start telling people to “make it a wonderful day” as we exchange our pleasantries! Recently, I heard a barista tell the customer in front of me, “I hope you have a great day.” That’s lame. You hope? Seriously. At least tell me to have one, I don’t need to weakly hope for it.

We can move beyond a hoping and a having to the creating of a wonderful day.


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