Golden Land

This is the first post in a series I am doing on my experience in the country of Myanmar. I will be there when this post publishes and will be sharing about my experiences when I return in several posts on this blog. Unfortunately, it is a very controlled country which leaves me with no way to communicate what is happening while I’m there.

This first post is a summary of my previous trip in 2006. My trip to Myanmar was on the heels of being in India, Ethiopia, Sudan, Bahrain and several other countries exploring what God was doing and where He was calling our church to be involved. I found myself journaling a few things I’d learned along the way:

  1. Khartoum smells like peanut butter
  2. Holding God’s Word penned in an ancient language on 700-year-old goat skins is a moment you don’t forget
  3. I need an office, not a cubicle
  4. Cold water in Africa is somewhere between 85 and 90 degrees
  5. God is bigger than Islam
  6. The media never portrays anything accurately
  7. I will never learn these languages (like Arabic) when it all looks like scribbles
  8. It’s the USA that is different from the rest of the world, not vice-versa
  9. Home is where my family is
  10. Never trust an Indian on what is spicy
  11. NOTHING can stop people from embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  12. Evidently, cows can live eating nothing but garbage
  13. I am afraid to go into a military controlled country
  14. I need to have alone time (especially when traveling companions put lotion on their feet while sitting next to you)
  15. People really do worship idols (Buddhism) and it’s bizarrely depressing to witness
  16. Children remind me how we all come to God
  17. It would be powerful to live somewhere out of the USA for an extended period of time
  18. I need to pray more

It is utterly amazing all that God has done in Myanmar in the past 5 years. I’m excited to share more specific details and stories next week. As you read this, please pray for me on my trip as the Lord leads.

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