Bleeding Gums.

We recently changed some of our health insurance. This has required us to change our entire families dentists and our eye care professionals. I found myself in this process so wrapped up within my own preferences that I could barely remain thankful for the unbelievable high-quality of care we receive. To make my point, some of you are still stuck on the fact that we have medical, dental and vision insurance! Yes, God is good.

All this emotion of leaving my dentist of six years and wondering if the new hygienist will make my gums bleed left me wondering.

Wondering one simple thing…one simple question:
Who should provide health care?

We’ve heard all the discussions, the lobbying, the trillion dollar ideas. Michael Moore has tickled our ears and our fancy as we look to Great Britain and Canada for guidance (just so you know, no one has it “figured out”).

Subcultures have quickly formed. We call them socialists or _____-conservatives (insert your descriptor here). We hear the sound bites on the news saying, “We’re losing our freedom” “Now is not the time for state mandated health care” “You’re not messing with my doctors.” Then the ads on the radio start, letting us know “You don’t have to pay for health care.” Will it ever stop?

Now, rather than provide an answer to an epic confusion of politics, preferences and personal care…I want to pose a question.

So back to my question. Who should provide healthcare?

The government? They provide education, police forces, local leadership for our cities, counties and state, roads and public services like libraries, parks and more.

Corporations? They provide services and banks and groceries and entertainment and basic services.

What is broken?

I would propose the very people and organization(s) that should provide healthcare are the very last anyone would think of.

I believe it should be The Church!

Yes, I’m know I’m crazy, ridiculous, naïve and will be accused of pontificating on impossibilities. Really? Several individual churches in their own right are providing meals, health care and education toward better living standards in entire villages and cities in third world countries around Africa. Maybe it’s not sexy to help people in your own backyard.

Our medium size church provides food, orphan care, new facilities, education, Jesus Film teams, financial assistance, medical supplies and more to literally thousands of people in many countries and our own community. We partner with several organizations financially and provide people and equipping resources impacting the masses. And really, it’s not that hard.

What would a network of like-minded churches each contributing time, money and resources to develop a care system to meet the basic medical needs of people in our communities look like?

Do you think that would preach The Gospel to all nations? Might it be a beginning point for restoring the Church of Jesus Christ as a vessel for building God’s Kingdom within God’s Will on earth as it is in heaven?

Imagine, our friends and neighbors and the “orphans and widows” among us would have their basic human needs met. That would be one piece of a beautiful picture of the kingdom.

I don’t know, the bummer is, I might have to see a new hygienist…and she might make my gums bleed. I guess, I’ll have to think about it.


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