I had a lot to do this morning and I was really tired.

So, I got a late start and decided to forego my routine of solitude on Tuesday early morning and jumped into some writing, planning, email and getting ready for the week.

Quickly, I felt myself descending the steep slide into an abyss of not caring. I tried to fight it off, focusing my mind and pushing myself to move more rapidly along; I kept sliding.

I rose. Put off the laptop and phone and started walking.

I ended up (not surprisingly) in one of my favorite spots, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Sitting on a bench I found myself watching several honeybees buzzing around, pollinating the flowers.

I decided to sit. Watch. Pray. And see.

Over the next hour I did nothing, but take each thought captive before the Lord. I listened. I watched the bees.

Have you ever watched bees for an hour? Here is what I am learning to be:

Be Simple.
The bee is focused on living in the ordinary. It flies from flower to flower, then back to the same flower then eventually back to the hive or bee box from which it came. It never worries. It doesn’t get distracted. It lives simply.

Be Connected.
Although simple, the bee is not isolated. They fly around each other with amazing precision and are in constant communication. Each bee needs each other bee and seemingly act as if they are completely connected with each other.

The bee just is. I’ve never seen a bee try to be a flower…or complain because it isn’t one or try to somehow manipulate its surroundings to make life easier. You don’t see bees uprooting flowers to bring them closer to the hive nor do we catch them asking us to return their honey so they can sit around all day (thanks Bee Movie). The bee is a bee.

Whoa. I know that is deep. I’ve been reminded this morning that the life of walking with Jesus shouldn’t be chaotic and complex, but rather simple. It can’t be a life of isolation and individualism, but one where we’re connected to others. I can’t get lost in a life of trying to be something I’m not or make the world work around me. Rather I am called to become who God is transforming me to bee (or be).

Occasionally in my bee watching a Monarch Butterfly would gracefully cruise past – swooping down around the bees and flowers and off again. Oh, how tempting it is to be a butterfly. To rise above it all and slip in and out and off again to whatever I desire. Unfortunately, butterflies don’t live too long. The reality of life is that we are all called to be bees.

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