In Case of Emergency…

I think they know.

My tonsils that is. They seem to know I’m up to something. They’ve been acting out now for several days. I think they finally figure out that tomorrow morning I will be having a Tonsillectomy and they’re out of here!

As I’ve been thinking about my surgery and some time of pain and recuperation I was led toward the common phrase “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” that graces our hallways and offices. My question is, what’s behind that glass?

What do I rely on? Has what I rely on led me toward addiction or health? If I’m honest, when life falls apart, I rely on three things:

There is nothing like family. When things go wrong, life falls apart or I just need some ice…family is there. My wife and kids are the lovers of my soul in ways no one else can understand. My mom and dad and sisters are special in other ways and know me in ways others can’t. My family of God is there to support me as the Church. In Case of Emergency…family is there.

I’m just being honest. When I’m exhausted or need a break or want to forget the day…on goes the TV, up comes the internet and out comes the iPhone. There may be a degree of this that is OK and acceptable, but I’m beginning to wonder if I can develop healthier ways to process a bad day. Bob Greene is his article on this afternoon challenges us to diagnose if we’re addicted to the technology. Some of his questions include: The urge to take out your phone even when in conversation, creating Tweets in your head all the time and texting even while your kid is telling you about their day at school. I confess, In Case of Emergency…I can get lost in technology.

I won’t apologize here, although it sounds Sunday Schoolish. As I grow in maturity, I can’t help but find myself more and more turning to Jesus. When life is out of control, I’m upset or surprised by the world around me – I have to find time to sit and talk to Jesus and listen to Him. As I head into my Tonsillectomy, I’ve been working to memorize Psalm 139. In verse 18 it says, “When I awake, I am with you.” I am taking that one with me to the operating table, knowing that Jesus is not just with me under anesthesia, but when I wake up on the other side. In Case of Emergency…Jesus.

I’m sure there are more securities like money and time alone or eating out. What might you say is your “In Case of Emergency?”

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