I’m thankful for jeans. I’m thankful for denim. You know that rugged cotton twill textile, in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads.

It’s amazing something so great could originate in France and be perfected for the American cowboy. It’s almost as if the proper combination of French and American can achieve perfection (think French Fries).

I wear jeans everyday and I’m so grateful for these comfy, durable and now fashionably acceptable clothing staple.

Recently the trend in jeans has moved to the skinny jean. I hate it when fashion changes, because it means spending money to try to fit in. Then I find myself liking the new fashion and replacing perfectly good clothing out of cultural manipulation! So, I thought I would put together this little assessment as a Thanksgiving gift, to help everyone figure out if their jeans are within the range of acceptability.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Too skinny?

  • People regularly comment on your calf muscles.
  • You get dizzy after wearing them for more than four hours.
  • Getting dressed involves any sort of tool.
  • Hair has stopped growing on your legs.
  • You can read the time on your phone when it’s in your pocket.

 Not skinny enough?

  • You hear bells ringing whenever you take a step.
  • You trip regularly.
  • You can go all day without noticing the fabric softener sheet that got stuck.
  • Everyone wonders what kind of shoes you wear.
  • You can carry a two-liter of soda in your back pocket.

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