Consuming Consumerism

It’s hard not to consume. Have you ever tried? My plan this year was to keep Christmas simple. Of course this meant spending less. What has really happened is I’ve found myself in the midst of sales and deals and amazing opportunities to consume. So I think I’ve been buying more to save more. Classic consumerism.

Eating out.
Refueling the car.
Text messages sent and received.
My kids would love that.
Make the house payment.
Time to eat again.
Oh…I like that scarf.

So much of the essence of our life is about taking in. That is consuming. I think we only consider our consuming when something becomes too much.

I own 82 T-shirts. Seriously, I counted the other day. EIGHTY-TWO! Is that too many? My wife say it is. But what if I told you I wear a T-shirt everyday. What if I included the information that at least a dozen or more I’ve owned for 7-10 years? What if I then added in that I only pay about $10 or less for my T-shirts? How about one last fact…I only buy 3-4 T-shirts a year. Does that help?

Hmmmm…too much? Probably too much information which only makes me sound defensive, validating my T-shirt problem. The reality is, we are consumers. The important question is maybe what are you consuming? Or even better, why are you consuming it?

Take a moment this holiday season and think about what you’re consuming. I hope you’ll take time, to take in the true meaning of Christmas. In the meantime, I’m going to go home and count my shoes.

6 thoughts on “Consuming Consumerism

  1. I very much appreciate your post on this topic! My husband and I are also REALLY trying to combat consumerism (specifically as it relates to Christmas and how we choose to celebrate as a family). The excess I observed around me last Christmas left me feeling extremely convicted that something absolutely needed to change. It’s encouraging to be reminded that there are others also recognizing the problems with consumerism and trying to make a difference.

    1. It seems like we’re always being told to buy more to save more – but it just keeps us spending! Keep up the hard work of living counter-culturally no matter how much people around you consume!

  2. Wow…82 t-shirts, huh? I now feel much better about my collection of 38. Of course, all mine were free (swag…), and they’re all black, and I also wear one every day.

    But you are correct, even a trip to Trader Joe’s bombards us with opportunities to consume (in more ways than one, and to be fair, those dark covered chocolate Joe-Joe’s are the bomb). It’s good to stop and think about why we’re consuming once in a while. And perhaps when we do that, we’ll discover we really don’t need that thing after all.

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