Our house is about 1200 square feet – we recently visited my parents who live in 3000 square feet, then we all spent a few days in the mountains in a vacation home that was 6700 square feet. What’s your square footage? Is it smaller? Bigger? Why do we all care so much?

Over two weeks of bouncing from bed to bed and small to big, I find myself expanding, spreading out, desiring more…honestly, I’m not really looking forward to going back to smaller.

We want everything bigger (at least I do)…bigger salary, bigger house, bigger yard, bigger portion (ever eaten at Claim Jumpers).

I wonder…as I’m wanting bigger, what does God think?

What if we’re actually being asked by God to reduce the size of our portion of life. When is too much, too much? How much is enough?

I’ve wondered about this my whole life. Especially at the beginning of each year as credit card bills pile up and the belt is loosened a notch or two.

In 1950, houses were built with 290 square feet per person…in 2003, that average was 893 square feet. We have bigger closets (you can walk in), bigger cars (just compare a new model with the same model 10 years ago), bigger waistlines (Lean Cuisine anyone?) and bigger egos.

I love to say, “Go big or go home!” But I wonder what the cost of going big is in the long run?

So, what do we do?

I know one simple thing. If I’m thinking about big, praying about small and listening to the wisdom of those who speak into my life – God will clearly direct my steps toward living small so God might be big.

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