Project Trinity.

It seems like my brilliant ideas are always just a minute behind making me rich and famous. Either that or I have a really bad memory and just think these ideas are all mine.

I’m pretty sure I have some great ideas though. I remember when the new iPod Nano came out – it looked so much like the faces of the new Nixon brand watches. I thought, I should create a really hip watch band for the Nano.

Well, a friend of mine just got that setup for Christmas – and it’s elegant and super cool. So much for lining my creative coffers.

Recently I was talking with one of my staff and a struggle with a project she was leading and I told her that every project has a tension between the time it takes, the cost and the end quality. She thought that was brilliant and proceeded to tell me so.

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “I really do have it going on and that is brilliant.” Then on a whim I googled time, quality, cost. So another idea perceived as mine in the recesses of my brain was actually just learned (possibly formally and forgotten or maybe through osmosis).

This is officially the Project Management Triangle based on time, cost and scope. For me I’ve just internalized this Trinitarian emphasis on the simple rules of managing any project. The reality is you need to pick two of the three.

If you want something on a short deadline and high quality…then get ready to pay big bucks. If you have all the time in the world we can do it cheap and high quality. So it goes…

Remember two things. First, you’ll always have the tension between time, cost and scope (and your clients will always want all three). Second, you heard it hear first (well, sorta).

2 thoughts on “Project Trinity.

  1. Thanks for your thoughts…good post – I agree that limiting ourselves to the three is extremely limiting…I still believe the thinking is valid and can be a good first look at processing an upcoming project.

    Sometimes project managers can spend more time managing the process of the project than the project itself…in that case I hope for keeping this simple. I also agree that any project management involves people and thus…we’ll be ‘herding cats.’

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