The Law of Discontent #1

There is a hidden law in our culture. It is all around you. I permeates much of our daily walk through this life.

I can see it. I don’t like it. I rebel against it. Yet, I find myself time and time again returning to it…like a dog returns to it’s vomit.

I am a fool, who returns again to my folly.

I am discontent.

I’m not content with kids starving in Africa (so noble) and I’m not content with my job. I’m discontent with my car, my body and how I feel about myself some mornings. I’m discontent with the lack of leadership in the Church. I’m discontent with where we’re heading and with my own unwillingness to help.


What are you discontent with? Is it a holy discontent or unholy? How do you know the difference?

I’ll be writing on this topic if discontent until I’m content with the discussion, so come back and join the discussion.

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