God Love.

Love is in the air – or so we are told.

What love?
Whose love exactly?
The love of candy and flowers?
Exceedingly verbose romantic encounters?
How we love to distort and change,
words to our own liking and meaning.

Love is God.
God is Love.
God transforms.
Love transforms.
Love is not an it or what,
rather a Who.
Not that saying Who can even describe ______.
That is God Love…
Blows our mind…
…and our hearts

Now we’re talking.
God Love.

Only Love can.
Only Love can soften a heart.
Only Love can heal a marriage.
Only Love.
Can save a soul.
Rebuild trust.
Allow us to forgive.
Only God Love can forgive us.
Only Love will stop the pain.
Will bring peace.
Offer a future.
Allow us to rejoice always.
Comes as a free gift.
Only Love.
Only God Love.

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