I must confess, as cliché and worn out as the pop fad of What Would Jesus Do is, I’m still drawn to it. I love the book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon where the idea was conceived. I’m deeply moved by the tension of living a life that lives out Jesus in front of others.

I also must confess that it’s hard. Do I give up time with my wife to help out my neighbor? Do I let go of my early morning work out to spend time in God’s Word? Do I stop my regular Starbucks run so I can sponsor a child in need?

I know, I know. Life is lived in shades of gray, not black and white (or so I’m told). So, I’ll get up 30 minutes earlier, shorten my exercise routine, spend more time in the Word, work a bit harder so I can get home a bit earlier so I can have a bit more time with my kids so I can better honor my wife so I can better lead my home so I can better reflect Jesus so I can…ahhhhhhhhhh!

The intrinsic problem is that simple little last two letter word…DO. Just Do It, right? Well, I’m a doer and if we’re not doing anything, technically we’re dead. Even then our bodies are doing something and so is our soul. But where does our doing come from? Is this doing in our lives born of fruit we have tried to grow or fruit that comes from Christ within us (John 15:5)?

I’m convinced now more than ever, that as I remain in Christ – connected to Jesus in deep, personal relationship – that my doing becomes like Jesus, because it is Jesus doing through me. Weird? Maybe. Truth? Most certainly.

So as we walk through the noise of life (read last weeks post here) we must remain in Jesus so we can know His Voice in our lives so our doing becomes the doing of Jesus Himself.

My neighbor has offered a couple of times to help me out with little projects around the house. The first time, I was just wrapping up a project. The second it was a short, simple task. So, I politely declined on both occasions. Then my wife informed me that he doesn’t have a job. Something changed in me when I heard that. What became a neighborly passing comment, became a chance for me to be Jesus in a new way. I’m waiting and expectant for our next encounter. I’m praying to be Jesus to my neighbor. I’m ready to listen to The Voice and respond as Jesus would have.

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