Who’s on first?

My son is 7 going on 17. Just this past week he asked my wife, “Does a woman need a man to make a baby.” I would have told him, it depends on your definition of a man – but that’s why my wife handles those questions.

Anyway, a few days later he informed me that he would like to “read the Bible from Genesis to…what’s that last book?” After we agreed the last book was Revelation, I began to ask him questions about what that meant to him and why he was interested. After a good discussion, we resolved to talk more about it later.

Then my mind began to run…

  • Why isn’t the church doing more to teach our kids the Bible?
  • Why do we dumb down the Gospel to “asking Jesus in your heart” when it is that – but so much more?
  • Where can I find a decent Bible for a 7-year-old that isn’t a kids picture Bible but neither is it a King James award style with a Caucasian Jesus depicted throughout?
  • Who do we need to get to teach my kid the Bible?

And on my brain ran…filling in the blanks, asking more questions and settling on no answers.

A day passed. Then another one. Then I remembered to bring up the discussion with my son again. He informed me he would like to get a few neighbor kids including the “Catholic Christian” and the one who “probably doesn’t know who Jesus is” and read through the Bible and then have some time to ask questions.

It was like I was sliding down a steep waterslide and launching out into a clear realization that all my questions were answered with one simple word.


God wants me (dad, Pastor, neighbor, learner) to take the time to walk my son and the sweaty little kids from around the block through the Bible. If I don’t make a disiciple of my son – who will? If I don’t disciple my neighbors, who will?

I have no idea how long it will last or what will happen or if anyone will come to our impromptu house church/small group/discipleship meeting made up of 5-9 year olds. But I do know this. There is no better way to spend my time, then in answering my son’s longing to know the Bible with an enthusiastic “I will!”

One thought on “Who’s on first?

  1. Hi Pastor, Homeschoolers use “The Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament” I went through it with my kids about 4 times as they were growing up. It’s very simple. 180 or so pages. Each page gives you verses to read and about 10 or fewer questions to discuss. It can be used with ages 5-100. The purpose is to go through the Old Testament as history so the lessons take you through the stories of the people only and in chronological order. So, no reading Leviticus or Song of Solomon, just the history of the people. We all LOVED it! The boys especially love the gory parts and you are free to skip any parts you feel the kids aren’t ready for

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