Size Medium.

Recently I attended an event where the registration came with a free T-shirt. They ran out of my requested size, Large, and offered me a Medium instead. Only one problem…I wear a Large!

Then I realized, “Nobody wants to be a Medium!”

If you’re a guy you only wear a Medium when you’re going through puberty (not a time you want to memorialize). If you’re a lady they don’t even make a Medium. You get to choose from a 3, 5, 7, 9 – that way no woman ever has to have a size large or God-forbid, extra-large. Guys fight over those sizes.

If you’re a size Small you’re cool and skinny. Maybe if you stop eating you can become a Petite. If you’re a size Large you claim size and strength, but not with Medium. Where does size Medium fit? I’ve tried the hipster look and worn a Medium…kind of. It was actually a Large that shrunk a lot.

This Medium thinking exists in more than t-shrit sizes. The same is true for the church. A small church is community and family. Small means casual and accepting. A large church is cool and powerful. Large means exciting. What does this mean for a Medium church?

What about you? Your company, church or family? How do you deal with being a Medium?

In reality God makes us all come in different sizes, both our shoulders and our waists. Oh, and our churches, families, companies and neighborhoods. Don’t shun the Medium!


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