Have you noticed that Christianity has lost brand appeal? You know, the whole Christian thing is sort of becoming like New Coke in the 1980’s.

Now, I’m not going to play semantics and dive deep into discussion about the difference between Christianity and following Jesus. The fact remains, Christianity is taking some hard knocks lately. I recently read a great post on advertising your church at Church Marketing Sucks and it hits on some of these very issues.

What would it look like if we rebranded Christianity? What if someone hired the best marketing people in the world to simply state Christianity in truth?

What would you say if you could rebrand Christianity?

I know where I would start…simply with all the good that has been done.

The Hospitals.
The Universities.
The Non-Profit Organizations.

Feeding the poor. Job training. Saving victims of trafficking. Battling HIV. Donating goats. Planting crops. Developing micro-finance. Educating our students. Praying for people. Creating jobs. Digging wells. Meeting a persons spiritual needs. Giving hope.

For all the criticisms of Christians. What would the world be like if we all disappeared tomorrow?

Would the world be different if you disappeared?

In summary, my branding would be:

Pray We Don’t Disappear

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  1. Your last question is an interesting one.
    The idea of selling Christianity sickens me, but being the hands and feet that would create real faith sounds great. Where can I go to that church??

    1. That’s the church I want to be a part of too! Seeing as how all churches are made up of people with free will…I’m patiently working hard to live that way myself and move others the same direction.

  2. Yes, I concur that the idea of “selling” Christianity may seem distasteful — but it does have goodness at its core. Hey, how about something like “Christianity, Who’s got YOUR back?” Very relevant topic in today’s headline-driven world. Thanks for posting 🙂

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