little things.

As Thanksgiving has passed along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it seems right to truly remember what we’re thankful for.

I’m thankful there isn’t a Wonderful Wednesday or Turndown Thursday! But mostly I’m thankful for the little things.

Hummingbirds and avocados,
a car that runs and a family that loves me.

Salvation by grace and a roof over my head,
delicious meals and the library.

Long walks and short runs,
V-necks and hugs and pinky toes.

In the past month, I managed to break both pinky toes…first was the right toe. It happened innocently enough playing barefoot living room soccer with my son. While attempting a quick turn move, I caught the ottoman with my extended right toe and down I went.

Just last week, as my toe was just getting to the point of not talking to me any more as I walked and ran, my left toe went out on his own. Randomly without my permission, he reached out and tried to grab the side of the fireplace. Snap! Down I went again.

It took both toes with a mind of their own to remind me to be grateful for the little things. Sometimes the smaller, the bigger my thanks need be.

What are the “little things” you take for granted? Be thankful.

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