place your mind.

“The deepest revelation of our character is what we choose to dwell on in thought what constantly occupies our mind.” – Dallas Willard 

What am I placing my mind on? My attention?

Honestly, do I believe Willard’s statement? If so, what am I choosing to think about, to dwell on, to entertain? What occupies my mind?

Whew, that’s painful – to examine that. I take out my metaphorical microscope and scrape the edges of mind, preparing them with slides to be viewed in magnification.

I’m embarrassed.
Oh, the things I dwell on. Stream of consciousness:

My elbow hurts, who called, I want new sunglasses, hot girl…hot girl…don’t look, don’t think, why am I so tired, what is my wife doing, I should get back to work, I need to read more magazines, less TV, I’m so sick of technology, my mind is fragmented, deep breath, why am I typing all this, I’m guilty, I’m better than him, not better than me…

That’s nothing…so often I’m a mix of ambitious desires, longings for intimacy and breathings for Jesus. Willard doesn’t state some psychobabble that we are a product of our thinking. If you read carefully, he hints that our very character will dictate what occupies our mind. I love that distinction.

As someone who is pursuing Jesus and longing for his transforming love more each day, I resonate with Paul who wrote:

“…we take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ.” (1 Corinthians 10:5b)

As I take my thoughts captive, I make better choices on what I think about in the first place and I find great freedom in reflecting on, dreaming of and praying for Jesus’ Kingdom Come.

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