Why Brasil?

By now we are on an airplane to Brasil and are beginning our official 3-month sabbatical from Coast Hills. You can read about why we are on sabbatical in my previous post. But why spend the money, time and energy to fly our entire family halfway around the world to another country? We have a lot of reasons; let me share three real reasons why we are taking our sabbatical in Brasil.

Reason #1
First, we are spending our sabbatical out of the country because we strongly believe in exposing our kids to a broad worldview. From the time my wife and I met, we knew we had to take an extended time and live with our family out of the country. Our kids are now eight and nine years old and it is the perfect time to expose them to the broader reality and beauty of another set cultures.

Reason #2
Second, we chose the country of Brasil because my wife was born and raised there for many years of her life, the daughter of missionary parents. Pastor Leslie Dickerson (Darla’s dad) served as a missionary in Southern Brasil for 52 years, seeing thousands and thousands of people come to know Jesus and planting around 300 churches. Most of these churches exist today. It doesn’t hurt that Brasil is the home of the most beautiful game of soccer that exists today and the beaches aren’t bad either!

Reason #3
Third, a true sabbatical is based in stopping. The word comes from the Hebrew word “Shabbat” which is also the root word of “Sabbath” and at its essence means to cease. It is really difficult to stop, to cease, to remove yourself from all that pulls at you day-to-day while remaining in your everyday environment. Brasil is a place to stop doing our normal routine and remove ourselves from all that pulls at us everyday. Some of this will be easy and other parts will be incredibly difficult.

Join us in prayer as we jump into the great adventure of sabbatical in Brasil.

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