A lone cricket hollers at the sun. I ignore him, and the chorus of others. Sitting and thinking – I watch the movies of my mind.

Lost in the story, the drama that I control – playing it all out on the big screen of my thoughts.
Slowly I back away.
I become an observer rather than director.

That lone cricket is still chirping. As I breathe deep and slow down my mind picks up the remote and silences the movies.
Just for a moment.
A cricket plays a steady beat.
The hummingbird does a low fly-by.
Leaves crinkle under the gentle footsteps of a lizard seeking a warm bath in the sun.

An approaching train threatens to break the silence,
When I realize the silence isn’t so silent.
I can hear the wind now,
Feel its breath on my neck.
The sun warms my skin as a single-engine plane soars overhead.
Just for a moment.
Just for a moment I can feel.
I can see.
I hear.
Now I’m in the silence of God’s creation.
This is the 7th day – just for a moment…
…freedom to be stared down by overwhelming love.
Of God’s gaze.


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