Brasil Top 10

Well, we haven’t been gone that long, but a lot has happened! So, it’s only right that we send our first Brazil update. We’ve already had to adjust to changing plans and cancelled flights and a sick kid and transporting 5 suitcases, four backpacks across the world! We’ve also gotten to adjust to Brazilian hospitality, rainbows, tropical rain showers and life together on the road.

God is already providing opportunity to grow as a family and discuss topics like national debt, not being anxious for tomorrow, Brazilian futebol (soccer), raising kids, who is better One Direction or Justin Bieber, and how Jesus is bigger than our small little world.

Top 10 “Things” to Know in Brazil

10. Brasil is spelled with an “s” in Portuguese this is not a typo.
9. They speak Portuguese in Brasil, not Spanish.
8. You can visit the “Brazilian Soup Nazi” at a local bakery on Nilo Cairo Street in Curitiba.
7. You can learn English from Farmville (useful words like ginger).
6. Everyone drinks Guarana (a delicious soda made from a local berry that is high in caffeine).
5. Hamburgers actually come with ham (and a burger on the same bun).
4. If Brasilians have Samba (dance) and Futebol (soccer) everything else is OK.
3. Brazilians like a good party, so everything is closed the day before and after a holiday (and the holiday itself).
2. Darla – within 24 hours of being in a city of 2 million people she bumped into people she knew as a kid.
1. “My toilet is clogged” is a helpful phrase to know in Portuguese.

We’ve been so blessed by the Brasilian hospitality from our friends here and have just dipped our toes into the culture and our time away. We’ll be heading to our apartment near the beach this weekend for our extended time of sabbatical. Please pray for perspective. That each of us would see God’s perspective of who we are, who he has made us to be, how we are to interact in this world and what we are called to as we serve him together.


3 thoughts on “Brasil Top 10

  1. Todd, That post was so fun to read! I cracked up when I hit “Thing” #2. Darla must have been thrilled to reconnect with childhood friends. Thank you for keeping us all updated on your trip. And, yes, you have my prayers for the perspective you requested. Blessings,Dara

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