Time Warp.

There are moments that move so quickly they almost cease to exist once they are past. But others, other moments seem to move so slowly they allow me to count the seconds. It’s as if I can feel the very fabric of time being woven together with each individual thread.

Too often I allow time to simply pass. I even use the common phrase, “I need to kill some time.” What a tragic thought. It is nothing less than murder. Time is the only commodity we all are gifted equally, why would I want to waste that. I don’t think to myself, “I need to go kill some money.” Maybe on the fringes some of us what to “go blow some money.” But rarely would we think of that as a good thing. Not to mention that would never play out in most of the world around us.

Each of us is given the hours, minutes and seconds of each day as a gift. Everyone gets the same. It’s as if God was a socialist with time. We don’t get time back. Once used, it is the past, gone forever.

So what do we do with our time? Is doing nothing wasting it? Is being getting a lot accomplished, spending it wisely? What if we have it all backwards? Maybe sitting and having a conversation is what time was designed for and creating widgets is a waste…


What if one was to invest his or her hours, minutes and seconds. Invest them in the eternal. Invest them in the slowing down of time. Invest them in those moments; the ones where time seems to slowly drip down the walls of our conversation. I’m not leading you anywhere, I don’t have the answer, and I possibly just wasted a few minutes of your time as you read this.

I do know this; I’m beginning to see time differently. With no TV to watch at night, instead I read my Bible for an hour. With no dryer and only a small washing machine, I spend time doing laundry every day, including hanging the clothes on a line to dry. I have more time to talk, play, read and write. I spend more time cleaning, cooking, walking and sleeping. I’m convinced God has given each of us the exact amount of time we need to accomplish His will for our lives.

Now get back to it!


2 thoughts on “Time Warp.

  1. Greetings Todd,
    What a joy to peruse your writings, a wonderful way to get to know you! I am getting a strong feel for your deepening sensitivity to God’s presence and this special journey you are on… your writing is clear. Know that you and your family are lifted up regularly, specifically that God’s perspective would continue unfold around you and that you continue to experience His peace, growth and guidance in a fresh way. Enjoy the journey!
    Pressing & praying on,
    Chuck Williams

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