It’s been weird for me, really difficult for Darla and the kids are managing OK.


Who do you share your day with, how do you process, where do you go to discuss an idea or revelation?

Each of us in our own way is wrestling with not having our normal acquaintances, our intimate confidants, our neighborhood buddies, our wise sage and our community of friends. We are a giant sociological experiment pointing out that Facebook is not enough! We need our community.

As an introverted thinking person – I am able to fill some of this need through journaling, reading, prayer and solitude. Time alone with my thoughts is invaluable. But it is too limited.

Darla is an extroverted feeling person (yes, opposites do attract) who misses long conversations with girlfriends, family and going over the details of the day.

We are both being drawn closer together and each of us plays the role of confidant, sage and friend for each other. We are finding new ways to listen and rely on the other. Truly we are intimate companions for life.

The kids have always been best friends but we’re seeing it in new ways. As they serve each other, listen to each other and argue for their point of view. Surprisingly as of now there has been little to no drama. But they both miss the neighborhood friends, the kids from school and church and a life where there is always someone else to play with.

Each of us is recognizing in new ways the deep value of sharing the journey with people you love.


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