If absence makes the heart grow fonder what about close proximity? Both the idea of absence and closeness revolve around both space and time.

Our 3-bedroom apartment here in Brazil is no smaller than our home in California. In some ways it is more spacious and in others more constraining. The close proximity comes more from time…the time of spending every waking moment together with your family.

All our meals are shared together.

All our free time is spent together.

We read together, both out loud and separately but still sitting close.

We walk together,

talk together,

have adventures together,

get angry together and have brand new experiences together.

Even our sleeping is more together…

…in a full-size bed (which there is nothing full about).

I confess, that in the absence, my heart has grown fonder of our home and city, our church and friends, our neatly paved roads and orderly cell phone plans. But while growing fonder of people and things from a distance, it grows more compassionate and understanding of the people close by.

I don’t want to limit my love to fondness.

I want to discover new depths of understanding

I want to uncover fresh layers of compassion.

I want to revel in relationship that only comes with the interminable stream of time.

Minutes, hours, days and weeks all woven into the fabric of our love together…our love for each other. What a gift! What a treasure! Each day gaining new steps forward in growing compassionate. Each week taking new leaps in understanding of how I see the people I love the most and how they trust in me. Each moment celebrating the easy and not so easy times that allow us to be so close.

What a gift!

What a treasure!

To grow fond is good, to grow close is better.

My fondness is often left to the limits of feelings,

While my closeness is wrapped in all that comes with passion and commitment.

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