We probably all know of someone who we would describe as generous. Maybe it’s Bill Gates who donates billions or our grandma who makes us homemade chocolate chip cookies whenever we’re feeling blue. Our range of meaning for generosity is flung as far as the east from the west.

Our family has been the incredible benefactor in these last months of the generosity of people. The generosity of many of you reading this.

The best definition I’ve read of what it means to be generous is:

Generous = showing a readiness to give more of something (as in money or time, etc) that is strictly necessary or expected

I like that. To be generous isn’t about how much we give of something. Frankly I expect the billionaires of the world to get rid of some of their wealth…a lot of it actually. That doesn’t make them generous. But when we live ready to give more than is necessary, more than expected we are truly being generous.

I want to be more generous. I don’t want to give what is expected, I want to give more. I don’t want to obsess over WHAT I give. I want to dream of HOW I can give.

There are so many people in the past months of sabbatical that have exuded this definition of generosity. They have truly exceeded our expectations and done more than would be necessary to serve our family. You have served us and shown your generosity in different ways. I would be remiss if I didn’t name you here (hopefully forgetting no one). I have to especially thank the Leo & Silmara and family for being our continued hosts and problem solvers here in Brazil.

Thank you for your incredible generosity to our family! We thank God for you every day.

Coast Hills Community Church Elders & Staff
Beatrice Witkowski
Bill & Barbara
Canalli Family (Leo, Silmara, Graziela, Micaela, Giuseppe)
Daffron Family
Eliza & Rosalia
Guerra & Denise
Isaac & Ally Alonzo
Jason & Tara Bollback
Johnson Family
Kern Family
Mark & Kim Winn
Todd & Becky Dean
Wensinger Family
And all those who continue to show the character of God through their generosity…may we all be more like you.


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