quiet time?

I arrived like many mornings at my local coffee shop and saddled up on a leather chair in the corner. With my piping hot green tea, bible and journal it was set to be a good morning.

Within a few minutes my interest was drawn to the lady sitting next to me who was chatting with a friend who was waiting for her coffee. As they bantered I noticed she was reading 1 Samuel on her iPhone. As I tuned into the conversation, her friend said, “Oh, you’re having your quiet time. Great – I wish I had time for that.” After a back and forth, she departed, leaving me to observe another humans quiet time.

I know, sounds creepy. I love to people watch and this was too good to pass up. So, with headphones on and no music playing I allowed my observations to be the soundtrack.

Jotting in my journal and taking down my observations, I watched. As 1 Samuel scrolled by suddenly she switched to the news…

…a few moments and back to 1 Samuel…

…a few minutes and a few texts and now on to a devotional reading…

…then a few text messages to reply to and send…

…Facebook and flipping through apps…

I began to lose interest as my mind churned and turned.
What a picture!
Jackson Pollock stood painting before me and I wasn’t sure if I was in love or repulsed.

Is this slice of life in front of me art?
Or a joke.
Does it speak?
Or is it mute.

Do we walk with Jesus, integrated…drawing Him into our distracted lives or are we just distracted?

Like a 1st Grade Art Project, there is no pointing fingers here. Only gold stars and smiles.

A question.
A whiff of wonder.
Is this beauty?

Jesus not just
Behind us
Before us
Above us
Below us


Jesus in our texting
Jesus in our reading
Jesus in our talking
Jesus in the news.


Is Jesus lost
in the noise?

It is art,
what do you see?


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