Art of Worship

Music courses through me,
words reverberating in, around and off my body.
My voice joins the chorus of
‘The Church’
Singing with all our being…
“You are my everything, and I will adore you.”

In this moment, true worship rises up as a sweet and fragrant offering,
A sacrifice of praise.
What a beautiful picture.

A picture that can be painted another way.
Back up,

I’m sit in a pew, one of the masses in a weekend church service.
A painful cold sore is bursting from my top lip,
The result of a stress-filled week.
My wife coughs, repeatedly,
Miserable from the cold she is fighting.
The room is too cold.
The speakers too old.
The guitar too gold.
Noisy technical equipment distracts me.
My mind wanders to the next element, the next transition.

Flailing vocalists abound,
One is in a jump-roping contest with the worship leader,
Together they mount invisible pogo sticks for the chorus.
Band managing OK,
Harmonies can’t find the melody,
The melody plays hide and seek.
My mind again wanders…

No matter how you paint it,
The picture is the same.

These two worlds co-exist, mingling together.
A chemical reaction that grows something new.

A crumbling ancient voice of an elderly man behind me,
Off-key, raspy tripping over a mish-mash of notes.
“You are my everything, and I will adore you.”

The art of worship at play.
The art of worship is not leaving behind our world,
But rather to embrace it and hold it empty handed,
As we surrender it ALL to the one and only.
is an art,
the art of taking it all in,
then giving it all back.

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