Time creates…

I’m still in process.

Although we’ve been back from our sabbatical trip with plenty of time to adjust, we’re still processing all God is doing in our hearts and minds. As you can imagine there is much to learn from 73 days in another country and a total of 97 days without having to work.

Soren Kierkegaard said, “It is the normal state of the human heart to try to build its­ identity around something besides God.”
Our sabbatical was a time of being removed from all the environments we are tempted to find our identity in and that attempt to replace God.

It was a grand reminder.
A full color challenge.
Deafening stillness,
where we heard clearly,
We are called to be not normal!

From this we extracted two life lessons: 

Time creates intimacy.

As we had unadulterated, unexamined, radically free amounts of time – we found ourselves. We found ourselves with each other, with others, with our own thoughts.

Time runs us over or we run over time – it becomes another monetary device to count and track and complain over not having enough.

But we all have the same amount of time. If we s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and acknowledge the space between our conversations, tasks, movements and feelings something emerges.

Time creates intimacy. Try it. Spend an hour simply sitting on the couch with your spouse. Walk on the beach with a friend. Tackle a huge project at work with a team. Talk with Jesus for a while. Time creates intimacy and you simply can’t have intimacy without time.

Time with God creates perspective.

In all the space between our measured time, where time truly exists we find intimacy. It doesn’t take long before we find a deeper intimacy with God here. In this supernatural walk with Jesus time doesn’t just create intimacy. This time with God gives us deep perspective.

Intimacy in and of itself can create some empathy and change your outlook, but time with God…intimacy with the Father creates perspective.
Try it.

Take two hours in the next week…begin with simply praying. Then open God’s word and read. Take a prayerful posture to God and begin talking. Now listen. Journal, pray, read, write, walk, be quiet…nurture your focus and love on God.

See what happens.

I know we have learned that as we give time to each other we have found new levels of intimacy. We give that time to God and he changes how we see.

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