my job.

The last month or so I’ve spent a lot of my time meeting with other pastors and those who desire to be in full-time ministry. Our church is looking to add four pastors to our staff in various roles (more info here if you’re interested). While I’ve mostly been the one asking questions, I have found myself answering a few as well.

This has been refining my own leadership.

There is nothing quite like someone who is a pastor in a different culture, in a distinctive church family, in another location pushing you.

What are your dreams?
Where do you want to be?
How do you lead?

I’ve rediscovered my own leadership philosophy and singular purpose in this season. My leadership philosophy is two-fold.

As a Pastor who primarily leads through other staff, my purpose is to balance GIFTING and SERVICE in our team. I live to evoke out staff’s greatest talents, passions, spiritual gifts and dreams. If I can continually move our team to be working in their gifting…

Everyone wins.

By itself though, this leads to
but possibly shallow
potentially self-focused leadership.

So we always balance with servant leadership.

Jesus didn’t come to wash peoples feet. But in so doing, “he demonstrated that servant leaders meet the needs of the group in order to carry out the mission” (C. Gene Wilkes, Jesus on Leadership).

I long to lead by drawing out the best in my team as we offer that as a sacrifice to each other.

Leadership that changes us,
before it changes the world.


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