The Loon.

The Loon.

It’s a beautiful day.

Nestled in my chair on the edge of a lake, the air whispers in my ear while the sun warms me from the outside in.

It’s quiet save for a few birds, a random jet ski and somewhere in the distance a dog talking to himself.

My gaze meets the water and horizon and is met back by ripples breaking the smooth plane. Ripples that follow a group of ducks as if they were in hot pursuit.

Suddenly, a black loon breaks the surface playing whack a mole all by himself. I find myself startled but drawn into the life playing out in front of me.

The loon was no doubt swimming submerged in a world of its own making; probably fishing and fulfilling a normal days work…yet I was completely unaware. I watch intently now, as if looking away would allow the loon to play Houdini.

The observer, I am now part of the action. This mysterious bird floats along for a minute or two then mysteriously dives again.

Where to?
What world is held beneath the surface?
One with mermaids and sunken treasure?
Or merely algae and baitfish.

My attention lost, my interest beginning to wane.


I lost sight. The loon is gone. Drowned in the depths by a leviathan or able to swim out of my view. Quit possibly I simply missed it’s movement as my own attention faded. This mysterious black loon. Not uncommon behavior, but subtle all the same.

I can’t help but imagine another story, this one played out on the lake of my life. The Spirit of God, in me – with me – working in and around me – a mystery. He moves beneath the surface of my life, revealing Himself as he chooses. Reminding me of His Presence whether I believe He is there or not.

I know He is there. I know the mystery remains and moves and lives and breathes.

Swimming, floating, diving and working.
Always working, creating, present and real.
Peaceful and right.

Can you see Him?


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