Arrogance, Ignorance or Conviction

What do you lead out of?
Do you lead out of arrogance?
You know where to go, why you’re going there and how to make it all work?
You’re right. You’re dreams become real, at least in your own mind. When they don’t there is always someone else to blame.

Do you lead out of ignorance?
You have no idea the risks you’re taking, but you jump in anyway.
Dreams are your everyday language.
You deal in compulsion, power and change.
Only when you look back do you see the mountain you climbed.

Do you lead out of conviction?
Your dreams are God’s dreams.
They pour forth and are confirmed and championed by the team around you.
You don’t have to convince or explain or wonder…
People follow.
Almost as if they had no other choice.

How do you lead?
From arrogance?

I think most entrepreneurs often run on arrogance or ignorance…both will get you to some good places. But for me? I want to follow leaders who lead out of conviction. Deep conviction.

But I admit, we all need a little arrogance (called confidence in small doses).
We all need a little ignorance (called faith in wise doses).
We all need a lot more conviction (called confusion if not found in a leader).

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