God the Father walked with us in the garden.
God’s presence dwelled with the Ark of the Covenant.
God’s Spirit was in the Tabernacle.
God met with people in the Temple.
God walked with us in Jesus.
Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us.

Do I ignore the very presence of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit?
Do I pray for Jesus to show up…when he is always with me?
Am I asking for God’s Presence when he never leaves nor forsakes me?
Do I put walls around God?
Am I drowning out the Spirit with my disobedience?
Or is the voice of God, the gentle whisper lost in the noise of my life?

AW Tozer said we should think twice as much as we read. He also said we should think 10 times as much as we read.

I believe he meant to point out the critical need to engage our minds and focus our thoughts on the One True Triune God – knowing the impact on our lives.
Today on Father’s Day – all of us need to pause.

Think and reflect on the Father God who gives us all.
All and all.

For those of us who are earthly fathers, may we instill the same in our children and those we mentor and bring up in the faith.

God the Father,
the Almighty,
is with us,
who can be against us?

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