I’ve come up with a new law. I call it Gorton’s Law.
Humble, I know.
Scratch that. Maybe it’s not even new.
Let’s call it the Law of Simplexity.

The Law of Simplexity simply states:
The things intended to simplify our lives actually make them more complicated.

Does Bluetooth really make life simpler?
How about a vegan diet?
Is having a recycle bin, green waste bin and trash bin simplexity?
In-N-Out may break the rule, while The Cheesecake Factory doesn’t care.

The nature of technology is to accelerate.
While rapidly careening toward our end,
The blur of life doesn’t seem so simple.
So we seek help in simplifying our lives.
We add more.

As we slow into the curves of life,
We can simplify.

Begin by recognizing
the Law of Simplexity in your life.

Don’t believe the hype.
Most things designed to make your life simpler,
Simply don’t.
Simplexity. The complexly simple and the simply complex.

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