The Shepherd has long been a picture of leadership. But tragically, we have the wrong picture of shepherd in our minds. We imagine a meek, bathroom robe clad nomad who is bored to tears wandering on a remote hillside scraping sheep doo off his sandals. I can’t help but draw up images from the movie Fletch in my mind.

The Bible uses the Greek word Poimen which we translate into English as shepherd.

We don’t have a lot of context in our lives for this word. Honestly, very few of us live with sheep (I hope).
So much of the meaning gets lost in translation.
Picture this:

A guardian.
A doctor.
A one-man search and rescue team.
A competent food finder.
Able to read the weather.
Plan for what’s next.
Defend ruthlessly.
Manage, direct and move a group through treacherous terrain.
All with simplicity.

They say a group of sheep know which shepherd to follow simply because they recognize the smell of their specific shepherd. How? Because the shepherd walks, talks, sleeps, and moves and breathes with his sheep.

Lose the bathroom and watercolor Children’s Bible drawings.

To be a shepherd is to intensely engage with your sheep at all costs,
Living with them, loving them, protecting them, leading them and taking care of them.
Being all about what is best for them.

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