Years ago I heard Erwin McManus say, “The most spiritual activity you will engage in today is making choices.”

Think about the power of choice.

You decide to read a book.

You buy the book (you now have $15 less in your bank account).
…$15 you could have spent on a meal
…on supporting a child in Asia
…maybe you could get the Kindle version for $10
…now you don’t own a physical copy of the book

You read the book (you now have 6 hours you’ve invested).
…that’s one less book you can read in your lifetime
…6 hours of TV you could have watched
…6 Insanity workouts you could have done
…6 one hour coffee times with a troubled teen

You believe the book (and give it to everyone you know).
…you change a life pattern
…you begin something new
…you believe in yourself

Five other people decide to read the book…one doesn’t…

Choice is powerful.

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