simple prayer

Lord, calm my racing heart
Release me from all that makes me anxious
May I see you in the simple and complex
Hold me close

I know every little thing will be all right
All that occupies my mind will fade away
The flowers and trees and grass will wither
But Jesus never fades

May my love never grow weary
But find strength in the Spirit
Who breathes fresh wind and fresh fire in my soul

Calm my aching chest
My heart beats violently
Hope upon hope to be on its own and run free

Gently hold me in your wings
That I may know your loving embrace
Deep parts of my innermost being
Long to sink roots deep down into the fertile soil of community

Will I do the work?
The fertilizing, pruning, watering and weeding?
Will I care?

Don’t let me bastardize the expression
Uprooting it into a pot
Wheeled around as my proud blue ribbon prize
Showing off – my circus act

I will seek you and you along
I will stand my ground
I long for depth and life to grow
From the soil of you

There is no other.

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