“The person God makes of us in the second half of life may bear little resemblance to the person we made of ourselves in the first.” Rosemarie Carfagna

I don’t know if turning 40 means I’m moving into the second half of my life or not. I do know that when I was born in 1973 a gallon of gas cost forty cents, fashion was lacking, 7Up was the uncola, Pong was a hit video game and Secretariat won the Triple Crown.

Wow. That was a long time ago.

I do know that as I look at the last 40 years God has given me to love Him, love my family and others I want to be more and do more. There has been so much about my journey that has been fulfilling Todd.

I’ve learned that I’m an INTJ.
I’ve discovered my leadership, strategic thinking and insatiable desire to learn.
I’ve recognized I can be a complete jackass.
I’ve fallen in love with my wife, time and time again.
In serving my kids, I’ve been frustrated, scared but hopefully full of grace and truth.
I’ve had unbelievable opportunities.
I’ve seen people come to Christ, be healed, have complete life transformation.
I’ve served at churches of 200 and 20,000.
Led conferences for thousands.
Preached to hundreds.
Led tens.
Discipled a few.

So what’s next?

I hope this next season of my life is less about what fulfills me and more about capturing each moment for God’s glory. Less about my heroic journey and more about a life of sacrifice and serving.

Less about me.
More about God.

I want to be on the wisdom journey now. Pouring into others as others have poured into me. Living life on life in an everyday discipleship that can’t help but see Jesus leak out of my life and into others.

Yeah, I’m 40. But I still have my hair and God has them are counted.

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