With my wife and kids out of town visiting family, I’ve been thinking a lot about solitude, community, friendships and self-sufficiency. Along with watching a bunch of great eighties movies.

Eugene Peterson in his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places speaks beautifully to the idea of Christ “playing” in community.

“We are a community. We are not ourselves by ourselves. We are born into communities, we live in communities, we die in communities. Human beings are not solitary, self-sufficient creatures. As we realize both the necessity and the nature of our lives in community, we also become aware of the difficulty, the complexity, and, as Christians who are following Jesus, the seductions all around us to find an easier way, a modified community, a reduced community customized to my preferences, a ‘gated community.'”

Too often I live in a gated community. Not literally, although many of you do.

The gated community is a perfect metaphor for the way I can live.

Closed off.

Jesus call us to be community. The way I want to live.


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