Has anyone called you lately? What about God? I’ve been hearing a lot of words spoken about calling recently. I’ve even been pondering my own call. I can’t get the idea out of my heart and head.

I wonder…

What is calling?

I remember my call. When I was fifteen and kissed a girl for the first time. I knew I was called to be married. The sooner the better! I was convinced I wasn’t called to be single!

I remember my call. When I was sixteen, I distinctly remember God calling me to serve him with everything in my life. That eventually led me to full-time vocational ministry in the local church.

I remember my call. When I burned out of ministry in my twenties and left the church. Working in education and television industries for a couple years. It was the most beautiful time early in our marriage.

Honestly I remember God’s call more than I remember my own. I remember yesterday when God called me to be more obedient to Him…and this morning when He called me to serve my wife.

Sometimes I hear us as Christians in full-time ministry describe God’s call. It seems God changes his mind every month. Other times it seems like we let God go through to voicemail. We ignore Him or make Him up.

Maybe its semantics.

I would rather focus on being obedient to God and obedient to who God has designed me to be. Isn’t OK to say, I want to do this rather than God called me? Or to say God is asking me to sacrifice in this area even though I don’t want to; God wants me to!

I’m afraid our idea of calling may be used as a defense mechanism. A way to communicate, “This is not up for discussion.” A special Christian language that says, “My decision is made.”

At the end of the day I hope whatever language we use, it is never above thoughtful consideration. God’s call will always line up with God’s Word, God’s Community and God’s will which can be seen in the circumstances around us.

God’s call will always perfectly balance our personal sacrifice of service to God (Romans 12) with our souls being filled as we fill others (John 10:10). It’s more likely to involve sacrifice than self-gratification (history proves that).

So, here’s the question: What do you mean when you say, “God is calling me to __________.”

Think about it.


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