I’ve had several signs from God lately.
At least that’s who I think they are from.

Have you ever had a sign from God? I’d love to hear about it.

The first sign was a fire (what I call The Burning Boston Market). I was finishing up meeting with a friend when I noticed a nearby restaurant on fire.

The second was a flood (what I call The Flood – I know not real creative). Right before an important appointment a demolition contractor at our church broke a fire sprinkler flooding huge areas of our church auditorium and lobby.

It seems like God is trying to get my attention. Seriously.

There have been some other moments that I won’t share here, but I’m amazed at how easy it is to miss God in the everyday. I pick up my Bible and He is speaking to me. Unreal!

In all of this, I’m not hearing His voice for other people. I’m not every seeing signs to some great blessing. God hasn’t told me to ask you for money. I simply hear God saying…

“Don’t stop listening, because I’m always speaking.”

That is a sign we all could use.
God is actively speaking if we will only listen.

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