Recently I was going through one of my old journals (this quite a humbling and hilarious experience if you are a journaler and haven’t done it before). Anyway, I found an entry dated shortly after my wife and I found out we were pregnant with our first child. Here is my list of “Ten Things For My Children” from 2002.

  1. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” (Deuteronomy 6)
  2. God is familiar with all your ways. He know you before you were knit together in the womb. You cannot run and you cannot hide from Him. (Psalm 139)
  3. God sent Jesus His Son who died on a cross for the forgiveness of sin. Repent, believe in Him, be baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.
  4. I love you. I love you on both sides. The passionate, feeling and emotional side. The commitment, action and deeds side.
  5. Be quick to listen…slow to speak…slow to anger (James 1 & Ecclesiastes 5)
  6. Jesus loves you. Love Jesus.
  7. People will love you…love people. People will hate you…love people.
  8. Have vision. Look beyond the obvious. See what casual observers do not see.
  9. Be disciplined. Put off, that is delay, gratification
  10. See God in creation: beauty, taste, passion

Amazingly I don’t think that I would add to this list, other than, “Don’t hit your sister.”


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