simply afraid.

The other night I was putting my daughter to bed. I had spent the evening preparing my book for printing and she asked me, “Dad, why do you have to pay for your book?” I explained the little I’ve learned about self-publishing including hiring an editor, layout and design, printing costs and the like. I let her know that if I can sell several hundred books than I will cover all our costs. My point was that I never wrote the book to make money but to learn more about fear and help others let go of their fears.

She told me, “Dad, I’m afraid sometimes.”
“Of what,” I said.
“Of dying,” she replied.
“Of dying, of you or mom dying or something like that.”

We had a beautiful discussion where I shared my own fears of death at different seasons in life. I explained why I am so forceful when they play in the street, because I don’t want her or her brother or the neighbor kid, Jaden, getting hit by a car.

Then she said, “Dad, I’m going to be sad if Jaden moves” quickly adding, “I’m afraid he is going to move away.”

Another beautiful discussion ensued. We chatted about fear being connected to avoiding feeling certain emotions…in this case sadness. She began to see how her fear of losing a parent and fear of having a friend move away were all connected.

She fears being alone…fears feeling sad…fears we all understand.

The beauty is God can and will use these emotions and fears for good if we let him turn our fear into faith. If we live in fear – we rob ourselves and those around us of the life God designed. We steal opportunity from God to mold and shape us into people who are handcrafted for eternity.

Never stop talking about your fears.
Hold them up before the God who knows you.
Fear God alone.

(For more of my thoughts on fear check out my book The Other ‘F’ Word on Amazon.)


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