The Other ‘F’ Word

I’m excited to announce the release of my first book! Special thanks to my high school guidance counselor who said I would never graduate from high school (which I did by the way).


After a journey of prayer, research, reading, writing, editing, rewriting and learning all along the way, I’m proud to invite you to visit Amazon and purchase my book called The Other ‘F’ Word: Replacing our fears with a fear-of-the-Lord.

Everyone feels fear. How do you handle your fear? For years I just pushed through hoping to manage my fears. I’ve discovered the only way out of our everyday fears. We must learn a fear-of-the-Lord. When we re-place our fears in God hope is on the horizon.

“When we have a fear-of-the-Lord we have nothing to fear.”

I hope you’ll join the adventure of learning to replace your everyday fears with a fear-of-the-Lord. The book is loaded with personal stories and my own journey with fear. Truly this was a project designed with myself as the audience.

I hope you will enjoy reading these words.
I pray God will use them to do work in your heart and mind.
I ask that you share your stories with me.
I can’t wait to see what God will do!



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