Why “The Other ‘F’ Word”

Since the embryonic stages of my idea for a book on fear, I’ve used the working title “The Other ‘F’ Word.” I’ve received raised eyebrows, knowing gestures, laughter and offense. I’ve heard a few guesses (“Is it faith?”). I’ve been debated (“You can’t title your book that!”). I’ve been ignored (“Whatever!”) and even threatened (“No one will publish that!”). I want to acknowledge all as valid responses. They are not unlike how we handle fear in our lives.

We debate our fear.
Ignore it.
Even threaten it.
All without changing our everyday fears or allowing ourselves to be transformed by the fear-of-the-Lord.

I didn’t choose the title in an attempt to create a stir or be controversial.
I didn’t select it in hopes of coming across as hip or trendy.
I don’t want to offend or be flippant.
I chose the title because it captures the heart of my exploration on fear.

The title has been a topic of conversation in our home. My kids have heard about it from the beginning and when the first print copies of the book arrived (with cover art created by my daughter) the topic came up again.

Only this time it wasn’t a question.

It was a statement by my daughter who said, “I get the other ‘f’ word now, because fear is like a bad word.”


If you love the title, to you I say “Thank you!” tell all your friends. If you are offended, I hope you will take more offense at how we as a people have given our lives over to fear.

There is no better concept to set the stage for this book, than the idea of fear being “The Other F Word.”

Check out my book The Other ‘F’ Word: Replacing our everyday fears with a fear-of-the-Lord on Amazon now!


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