See the Unseen.

It comes every year and for me seemingly at a rapidly increasing pace. When I reflect on the season in the middle of lots of church services, live animals, time with family, cross-country flights and eggnog (which is just gross admit it), I can’t help but focus in on the characters of the story.

For some reason the picture I have in my head of Mary and Joseph (or anyone else in this story) seems to include robes and kneeling, smiles with rosy cheeks…glowing without a trace of perspiration, consternation or real life.

The story has become surreal – represented in small statues made in China that we dig out of dusty boxes once a year.
The nostalgia of the season.
Warm ideas of chestnuts roasting on an open fire.
Joy-filled stories possibly laced with loneliness.
The turmoil of family.
The pain of memory.
It all gets mixed, mashed and morphed together.

See Joseph.
One moment severing his future with Mary forever.
In another blinded by the light of truth.
He goes to Mary and offers himself to her as a husband.
He chooses to believe in the unseen baby,
Stepfather to the Son of God.

See Mary.
The dust has settled.
She is pregnant…a life growing inside her, unseen.
How does she tell her family, friends, Joseph?
She flees to distant family, Elizabeth…
Her joy is confirmed.
A King, a baby King will be her son.

Mary sings out,

“My soul magnifies the Lord,
for the eyes of my God have seen me.”

She says…

“God took one good look at me, and look what happened – I’m the most fortunate woman on earth!
 What God has done for me will never be forgotten…”

Mary is holding the whirlwind deep within herself and weighing it, reflecting on it, and responding to it. And in it all, she knows.

God sees her.

Have you ever ‘pondered the pattern your life is weaving?’ Or are you caught up in the Christmas season (or the aftermath) in the whirlwind of life you can see, ignoring the unseen.

Today is an opportunity to let go of all the temporary stuff that we can see happening around us and reflect on the unseen. Focus your mind, open your heart to the unseen…the eternal…the power of who Jesus was as he came as a baby boy…and is today.

God sees you.
Will you see God today?

It’s the unseen that changes everything.


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