What’s Up?

I haven’t been writing for a while. After publishing my first book I was inconsistent in writing in general and then I found myself turning inward.

In most seasons of my life, I’ve been able to keep a steady flow of “input” and the result is a steady flow of “output.” I’m getting filled up and what flows out is a result of that. Ideally my life and ministry come out of the overflow of who God is shaping me to be.

I’m not in that season right now. I’m not burned out or tired or wandering or anything like that. I’m simply introspective. I’m focused on what is going on inwardly and I am choosing to “cap” or at least put a governor on the outward flow in this season.

Practically that means I won’t be blogging much right now. I don’t know how long this will last, who I’ll become, where it will lead me or what might be learned or unlearned. I’m a bit nervous, uncertain and excited. I’m 40 now, so I guess it’s just normal! I hope this is better than buying a Corvette. (Although if you’re looking to give one away, let me know, I’m a Pastor I can work out a tax write-off). If you’re interested here are a few processes, rhythms and resources I’m using in this season.

Daily Rhythm:
I’ve established a new daily rhythm of getting up every morning at 6am (well almost every, still working on it). I spend an hour in personal solitude, silence, scripture reading, spiritual reading and prayer. I’m currently using Disciplines for the Inner Life. At the end of each day, I’m working to plan extra time to review my day, journal and reflect on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Relational Guidance:
I’ve asked several key people to walk this journey with me. To listen. To pray. To encourage. To observe. Not to fix. Not to suggest. Not to worry. To simply let it be about me in this season and honor our connection in that way. This plays out with my wife, a close friend or two and my spiritual director.

There are several books and resources I’m using. I don’t endorse or recommend as I haven’t ever used some of these. As always, I expect people to verify all content in light of the Bible and leading of the Holy Spirit.

Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer
The Gift of Being Yourself by David Benner
Listen to My Life Portfolio by Sibyl Towner and Sharon Swing

I’ve also researched professional Life Planning services, retreats and the like. To be honest, they are all really expensive and I’m not convinced working through this with a stranger will produce more fruit than my DIY process. Most likely I will take a personal retreat sometime in this journey.

Thanks for letting my share my process. I’m on this journey to question, relearn, reflect and consider all the possibilities about the God who IS and how my story fits into his. Join me by praying for me as you feel led and more importantly by pursuing your own story of where your greatest God-given passions intersect with the world’s greatest needs.


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